Precor TRM 835 Commercial Treadmill

Welcome to the most well-appointed treadmills that Precor has to offer, the experience Series 800 line. these treadmills are what the pros install in their high-end fitness centers, YMCAs, top-notch universities, and 5-star resorts around the world. It has everything you are looking for in a Treadmill. Superior shock absorption that supports a solid and controlled push-off at the back of the treadmill and a softer, low-impact landing at the front of the belt where the highest impact takes place with our patented ground effects impact Control system (GFX). add to that The 800 Line treadmills feature technology that calibrates the belt speed, similar to running outside, with integrated footprint technology (I ft). to do this, These treadmills monitor heel strikes and adjusts the motor speed up to 710 times per second. The result, harmony between you and the Treadmill for a smooth, fluid, and rhythmic running experience. To top All that off, this line of treadmills gives you the option of running up (15%) and down hills (-3%) at up to 16 mph (25. 5 kph). you'll love this treadmill. The Tri 835 Treadmill features the easy to use P31 console and is available in either a black or Silver frame.
Manufacturer: Precor
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  • Professional treadmill featured in high-end fitness centers, ymcas, top-notch universities, and 5-star resorts around the world.
  • Vertical shock Absorption with ground effects impact Control System
  • Horizontal stride support with integrated footprint technology
  • P31 console that includes an LED display with easy-to-use-motion controls
  • 3% decline to 15% incline and 0. 5-16 MPH

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