Precor TRM 731 Commercial Treadmill

Featured in fitness centers around the globe, The experience Series 700 line of treadmills features the reliability, performance, and efficiency that Precor is known for With slightly dialed back Features from our premium 800 line. Our 700 line treadmills features our integrated foot plant Technology drive controller that works with a new, high efficiency 4 HP AC motor that delivers improved performance and a smooth, natural feel that fully complements your natural running stride, reducing joint stress and fatigue. Add to that, it includes our ground effects impact Control system (GFX) that incorporates a progressive shock absorption System that absorbs high impact movements and supports a solid and controlled push off. Our TRM 731 Treadmill includes the easy to use and navigate P31 console and is available in either a black or Silver frame.
Manufacturer: Precor
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  • Professional treadmill featured in health clubs, ymcas, apartments, personal training studios, and corporate gyms
  • Vertical shock Absorption with ground effects impact Control System
  • Horizontal stride support with integrated footprint technology
  • P31 console that includes an LED display with easy-to-use-motion controls
  • Up to 15% incline and 0. 5-12 MPH

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