Crown Sporting Goods XL Battle Rope

No pain, no gain. Nothing worth doing comes easy, so why not bring that mindset to the gym and see some real gains? Our large-size battle ropes maximize intensity and push your limits like never before. Featuring a wider rope with a 2.5" thickness, you'll be sweating hard as you pound the ropes up and down on the gym floor. These battle ropes can be used anywhere: home, office, and workout gyms alike. All you need is enough room space to begin an intense, full body workout. Our ropes are made of wear resistant Poly Dacron, to last for years to come. The rope ends have rubber handles for an enhanced grip and hand protection.
SKU: B07B4L3L57
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  • LARGE-SIZE BATTLE ROPES: The bigger the rope, the harder the challenge! A great tool for strength and cardio training as well as Crossfit, HIIT, and today's popular fitness workouts
  • MORE CHALLENGING SIZE: These battle ropes have an 2.5" thick, wider than the standard battle ropes. Wide ropes make for a more challenging grip
  • SPEED, ENDURANCE, & STRENGTH: Choose from 3 different rope lengths: 30, 40, and 50 feet. We recommend 30 feet for speed, 40 feet for endurance, and 50 feet for strength training
  • VARIETY OF USES: Stand, kneel, sit, and move while doing rope exercises to add difficulty to your training. Move closer to the anchor point to make it more challenging to make rope waves
  • DURABLE MATERIALS: Battle tested, wear resistant materials made from Poly Dacron, able to withstand intense workouts for years to come. Rubber handles for an enhanced grip and hand protection