Hyperwear SandRope Heavy Thick Battle Rope Style Workout Weight

The Hyperwear SandRope enables intense core and cardio workouts that engage the entire body, delivering better results in less time. Made from super-durable neoprene and filled with 30 lbs. of sand, a single SandRope is as heavy as a typical 50-foot heavy training rope. The obvious advantage of a SandRope is that it takes up far less space in your home or gym. Another advantage is the variety of exercises possible without a need to anchor. Vary resistance by starting with two hands, alternating single hands or working with two SandRopes (additional purchase) at the same time. The neoprene covering of the SandRope is textured like traditional battle ropes, but it will not shed any fibers. The SandRope is easy to clean; just wipe it down the way you would dumbbells or medicine balls. Build up your stamina with the SandRope and conquer your fitness, weight loss and performance goals.
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  • PERFECT power rope workout equipment choice for home gyms, garage, crossfit, or fitness studios where space is tight, anchoring options are limited, and made of neoprene so you do not have the expense of battle ropes with a sleeve to prevent shedding
  • MORE training options than typical workout ropes with handles, SandRopes provide all the benefits of exercise ropes for arms, cardio, upper body, and can be used unanchored as a fitness pull rope or for slams, planks, weighted squats
  • ONLY 10 ft long so you need less than half the space of conditioning ropes, but packs 15/30 lbs of weight equivalent to the full weight of fitness ropes 1.5" -2.0" thick and 30ft to 50ft long
  • INCLUDES one SandRope fitness rope with carabiner pre-filled with sand that shifts during movement, an elastic webbing anchor, and available free exercise tips
  • USA manufactured and designed using Hyperwear's SandBell patent